Hot Course Hack | The BlendJet

BlendJet blender with Kona Energy Gel

A couple of weeks back I took on the hardest athletic challenge I've ever done, the Starvation Xtri.

Having just finished the hardest portion during the hottest part of the day (last 8.2 miles of the bike had 3,992 feet of climbing), I was dying for something to turn around my attitude.

Luckily, I arrived at T2 to a freshly blended Kona Energy Gel Ice, courtesy of the BlendJet and some quick thinking by my support crew (thanks Mom).

It's impossible to state how good that really was in the moment. Highly recommended!

So for your next hot workout, toss a gel, some ice and water in a blender, and email me at to let us know how great it was!

Above: James 'Iron Cowboy' Lawrence, Haydn Strauss (Cofounder), Casey Robles (Race Director, Starvation Xtri)